quaquaversal, adj.

1. Dipping, pointing, or occurring in every direction.

1691    Athenian Gaz. 21 July 1/2   Now the first thing it [sc. sound] strikes against in its circular, or quaquaversal Motion, is the Earth.

1728    Philos. Trans. 1727–8 (Royal Soc.) 35 442   The quaquaversal Pressure of the Blood will be controll’d by the Pressure on the Artery.

1830    C. Lyell Princ. Geol. I. 394   The slope and quâquâ-versal dip of the beds.

1862    R. G. Latham Elem. Compar. Philol. 126   The affinities of the Lap are one-sided, those of the Turk (to borrow an expression from the geologists) quaquaversal.

1918    Econ. Geol. 13 452   The intrusion or formation of the salt plug has produced a sharp local doming or quaquaversal structure.

1984    Jrnl. Volcanol. & Geothermal Res. 20 101   The palagonite tuffs are characterized by‥an apparent quaquaversal structure.

2002    Amer. Music 20 237   In the flighty and quaquaversal Night Fantasies for piano, the composer states [etc.].

Etymology:  < classical Latin quāquā versus on all sides (2nd cent. a.d. in Apuleius), in post-classical Latin also quaquaversum on all sides (c400 in Augustine), wherever (5th cent. in Augustine; < quāquā wherever (use as adverb of feminine ablative of quisquis whoever, reduplicated form of quisquis pron.) + versus towards: see versus prep.) + -al suffix