Expression of the Emotions (after Darwin)

Poets continually speak of the hair.
When they are made angry, their hair becomes erect.

The hair rose all over his body,
erect and projecting forward,
his nostrils dilated.

I took a stuffed snake into the monkey-house, and the hair on several of the species instantly became erect.

When I showed a stuffed snake to a peccary, the hair rose in a wonderful manner.

The state of the hair
is a sure and convenient criterion
of mental condition,
an empirical confirmation
of the relation
which exists in the insane
between the state of their hair
and minds.

The erection of the dermal appendages is a reflex action,

Independent of the will.

Everyone must have seen two cocks.

Swans when angered erect their feathers.
The hair likewise becomes erect on goats.
The erection of the hair seems to be almost universal.