On the receipt of this, you will proceed to take prisoner, on the part of this Holy Office, Juan Duran, blacksmith, a resident of this town, for some days past, and formerly of Villaredonda. He is a tall, thin faced, person; pale, with a chestnut beard, and meanly dressed; having secured him, you will dispatch him, under good attendance, to this Holy Office, by the hands of the Familiars, in such a manner that he cannot escape, taking measures in all the places through which he may pass, to let it be known he is apprehended by this Inquisition. Also, if occasion should offer, you will sieze so much of the prisoner’s property, if it be found in that town, as shall amount to eight ducats, for the expense of his maintenance, which you will transmit by those who have him in custody. The prisoner being taken, you will inspect his person and his lodgings, in order to secure a book, about the size of the hand, in which, it is confidently believed, there are certain prayers and superstitious matters. This book you will despatch to us.