When I was eight years old, if someone told me that there would come a morning when, before dawn, I would be getting ready to get on a train to discuss my new company’s website, while at the same time sending e-mails discussing the acquisition strategies of Indian and Chinese conglomerates and the efforts of Japan’s food and beverage brands to globalize, and that I would, later that day, be submitting an application for a visa to travel to India to meet with bureau chiefs of major global media outlets, before getting a hepatitis shot, and that finally, I would, the whole time, in the back of my mind, be thinking about neoplatonic philosophers, about the architecture of slide from idealism to theurgy, and about all the attempts to reconcile emerging Christian thought with classical philosophy, and vice versa, before what ended up coalescing into doctrine, I’m not sure I would have even known how to believe it, let alone whether. 

And to be writing a blog post about it, which I would then share on Facebook and Twitter as well… In fact, even at twenty-eight, it would have been an enormous stretch of the imagination, to be living in 2011, and to be living in 211 and 311 and 411, too. Such strange paths there are in this world!