This weekend I am doing a soft launch of Orange Editions, my new e-publishing project. The first volume is my own translation of “Vera,” a short story by Villiers de l’Isle Adam, a philosophical ghost story; a brief, losing struggle between will and death; an ironic, decadent confection. It’s taken from his collection Contes Cruels (Cruel Tales).

While I’m waiting for the Orange Editions site to be set up (link will be live soon), and for the Kindle edition to appear on Amazon, you can download my translation of Vera for no charge as a PDF. I imagine I’ll be good to go with my setup by Wednesday, at which point I’ll disable the free download.

If you download, all I ask is that you contribute a comment to this blog post to let me know. If nothing else, I’d like to know that you were interested enough to check it out, and, better, I’d like to see your comments on the work and the idea.