Going Underwater

Extremely well said in today’s The Awl. I think we’re just seeing the unfolding of a strategy begun in the early 70s, looking back at the unrest of the late 60s and attributing it to a “dangerously” educated population.

Fortunately, we are intentionally raising our children to be stupider, by means of intentionally cutting funds to schools, so as to serve American students ever less-well, so that we can make a large disposable servant-worker class and a smaller educated class. Also it serves someone’s interests, clearly, if we can convince a majority of America that evolution is false and there is no such thing as global warming. (Also keeping them unsure which country we declared independence from on July 4.) That way, when they consolidate many of the poor uneducated people in giant poor uneducated metropolises, everyone who lives there will all be surprised in 90 years when they are all homeless or dead because Oakland and New Orleans and Miami are gone.